7 Ways You Can Rock Rose Gold Without Dying Your Hair Like Kylie

7 Ways You Can Rock Rose Gold Without Dying Your Hair Like Kylie

7 Ways You Can Rock Rose Gold Without Dying Your Hair Like Kylie

No dye job necessary.

Published October 8, 2016

Aside from Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery, Kylie Jenner’s rose gold hair is the latest KUWTK news to break this week. The lip kit queen took to Instagram to show off her new look with a series of selfies that convince us that we all need the rosy hue in our life. Kylie’s color also happens to be the same as Pantone’s color of the year, Rose Quartz. Priscilla Valles, the hair pro that dyed the reality star’s locks, recommends using Ion Rose Quartz Semi Permanent Hair Color to replicate Kylie’s look. To get the perfect pale pink use must already have a platinum base, which most of the time requires bleaching your hair prior.

Trying to get Kylie’s coveted color is not the easiest to achieve, but here’s a few items to match for those who want to participate in the rose gold craze without the dye job.

    (Photo: Guess)

    These shades are named after the reality TV star—not really. It’s just a conwinky dink.

  2. Puma Fierce Metallic [$99]
    (Photo: Puma)

    Kylie is a Puma brand ambassador, so it's only fitting they have hue to match her new hair.

  3. Kylie Cosmetics Limited Birthday Edition Crème Shadow [$39.99]
    (Photo: Kylie Cosmetics)

    Kylie turned 19 this year and celebrated with a limited-edition makeup bundle that included this gilded eye shadow. It sold out like everything else she peddles, but we found a few Ebay sellers who still have the shadow.

  4. Kylie Cosmetics Heir Metal Lipstick [$18]

    This is so beautiful, I am dying! By the fantastic @vladamua 💋💄#vladamua#lipinspo #rosegold#lipstick#rosegoldlips

    A photo posted by 🦄Bella Schlüter🦄 (@bellaschluter) on

    Unlike the limited-edition shadow, this metallic lippie is still for sale on her website.

  5. iPhone 7 32GB [$1, 269]
    (Photo: Apple)

    Would you sacrifice a headphone jack for a phone that matches Kylies hair?

  6. MVMT Hermosa Watch [$125]
    (Photo: MVMT)

    Here's some arm candy that will remind you of Kylie's rose gold mane everytime.

  7. House of CB 'Keisa' Bodycon Dress [$200]
    (Photo: House London)

    Kylie wears looks from House of CB regularly, so why not cop an ensemble of your own? This sequinned number is everything.

Written by Jazmine A. Ortiz

(Photo: Kylie Jenner via Instagram)


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