The Most Epic JuJu Dance Videos On The Internet

The Most Epic JuJu Dance Videos On The Internet

The Most Epic JuJu Dance Videos On The Internet

Slide, drop, smash that like don't stop.

Published October 25, 2016

The #TZAnthemChallenge has completely taken over the Internet, with people, clowns and animals of all ages filming themselves dancing to Zay Hillfiger's "JuJu On That Beat (TZ Anthem)." Here's the most epic ones we have seen so far. 

  1. The Originators

    #freshtheclowns be lit!!! Creators of #jujuondatbeat dance trend

    A video posted by Fresh The Clownsss LLC (@freshtheclowns) on

    Fresh the Clowns—friends of Zay Hillfiger—choreographed the dance the world is copying.

  2. Tiny Tot

    Keep your eye on lil’ mama in the front in this video, shared by Jermaine Dupri.

  3. #BlackGirlsInTheArmy

    Black girls run tings 🔥🔥🔥 #blackgirlsinthearmy

    A video posted by Bree ( on

    Bree ( posted this video of four soldiers getting it.

  4. Sunshine

    The weather men are lit at Fox Carolina in this video posted by OPG Events.

  5. Class Act

    The Ron Clark Academy founder and his students are back at it with this new dance video.

  6. Crooning

    @Yadassbri hilariously decided to turn the anthem into a love song.

  7. Get It?

    Wait for it… in this video, posted by Lil Boosie.

  8. #BlackGirlMagic

    The girls of KidGoalss are our dance goals.

  9. Plush

    @Gabbybatiato in this teddy bear suit, though...

  10. Long and Lean

    and you thought we were done (full vid link in bio) #jujuonthebeat @theellenshow

    A video posted by Tina Tobias (@tinytina05) on

    These girls have definitely got the weird market cornered, but we're not mad at that split in the middle. 

  11. You Your Daddy's Son

    LeBron James shows off his son's dance moves on Instagram. Clown mask is unexplained but the lyrics do say, "you ugly/ you your daddy's son," so LeBron is funnier than he seems. 

  12. Power To 'Fro

    These two fro-tastic tots are all kinds of goals — hair goals, sister goals, and “Ju Ju on That Beat” goals!

  13. Feel Good JuJu

    Here’s a lesson we could all use! If this cancer patient doesn’t let chemo treatment get her down, then you shouldn’t let anything put a damper on your day. 

  14. Bestie Goals

    *Sings* Go best friend! That’s my best friend, that’s my best friend…

  15. Puppies Do It, Too

    Lmaooo its lit af lol #hoodclips @currentvibes #comedy #HoodComedy

    A video posted by hoodclips (@hoodclips) on

    Is this not the most adorable thing you've seen all day?

  16. Background Dancer

    When this toddler's older sister tells her to have a seat, she still stunts in the back because you shouldn't ever let anyone stop your shine.

  17. Viral Gold

    Let me tell you something I know for sure – you are not ready for this little boy on my show tomorrow.

    A video posted by Ellen (@theellenshow) on

    Proof that if you're Ju Ju is on point, you could appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show like 4 year-old Tavaris Jones whose dance skills went viral.

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Zay Hilfiger via Youtube)


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