All The Details on Angela Simmons's Super Post-Baby Snapback

Angela Simmons

All The Details on Angela Simmons's Super Post-Baby Snapback

Plus the latest most adorable family photo.

Published October 19, 2016

Just two weeks ago Angela Simmons announced to the world that she was a new mom, but the Run’s House alum is already showing off her #snapback progress on Instagram. So how exactly is she doing it? Well, if you followed Angela on the ‘gram while she was preggo, you know her prenatal workouts were pretty intense. She rotated yoga, calisthenics and some boxing moves all while lugging around a baby bump, so it’s not such a shocker she was back in the gym 13 days post-baby.

See her posts below on how she is managing her supermom snapback.

Focused !! Light Stretches and light cardio ✔️

A photo posted by Angela Simmons (@angelasimmons) on

This is the Angela I AM designer’s most recent gym selfie, in which she’s spotted stretching out after some light cardio work.

Some slow paced-yoga seems to be Angela’s go-to. She trains regularly with Mama Glow founder Latham Thomas, aka Glow Maven. Latham specializes in pre- and post-natal yoga and is a certified doula, so if anyone is qualified to get Angie back to her old self, it’s her. 

Vegetarian life @cheflexgrant 💚

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Angela has been a vegetarian for some time now after being inspired by her uncle Russell Simmons. She was munching down on this vegetarian breakfast spread a few days after giving birth.

Light workouts approved by the DOC ✔️ #13DaysPostBaby #Day1Gym 🙌🏽💪🏼

A photo posted by Angela Simmons (@angelasimmons) on

The workout pic is only 13 days post-partum! #YASSSS

After hours in @dvf #DVF @kachmeifyoucan

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When your gym regimen and eating habits got your body looking right, you slay in a DVF wrap dress because you can.

BTS @people shoot ❤️@thenessalee #VanessaAntonelli

A video posted by Angela Simmons (@angelasimmons) on

And if you were wondering how Angela is taking to motherhood, peep this behind the scenes clip from her People magazine shoot with bae Sutton Tennyso and baby Sutton.

Written by Jazmine A. Ortiz

(Photo: Mireya Acierto/Getty Images)


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