Dedication: Jasmine Sanders Sleeps on Her Hands to Save Her Curls

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 12:  Model Jasmine Sanders is seen in the Meatpacking District on September 12, 2016 in New York City.  (Photo: Michael Stewart/WireImage)

Dedication: Jasmine Sanders Sleeps on Her Hands to Save Her Curls

And everything we learned about hair care and haters from the @golden_barbie.

Published October 25, 2016

Jasmine Sanders is literally the prettiest person I have ever seen. To give some context to this statement, I will defend myself by saying that I have seen several very pretty people in real life over the years but there’s something about the beauty that Jasmine Sanders has that’s almost freakishly virile. It’s the kind of beauty that might incite insane resentment if she wasn’t also cool as hell. She prides herself in not getting wrapped up in petty drama and thinks jealously is a body of water in a distant place. “You gotta understand, being a model in today’s age, with these shows, you're not made for every job and every runway. That being said, one of my girls is going to get a job that I wasn’t able to get and I am just as excited for them as I would be for myself so I want to support and show love. I am all about woman empowerment,” she tells me with overwhelming earnestness in her green eyes.

Sanders was recently officially signed on as the face of Moroccanoil and unofficially signed on as the face (nee: body) of Kanye West’s Saint Pablo tour merch. I met with her to talk about the former and just why curly hair is such a challenge for most haircare companies to tackle.

“I am obsessed with my curls. Growing up it wasn’t easy for me to wear my hair curly because I didn't know what products to use and growing up in South Carolina, you would instantly go to gel products or a thicker heavy conditioner that would be so heavy and change your curls completely.”

Relatable. Because most girls I know born before 1990 had a really hard time finding products that were specified to do their hair growing up. Jasmine says, “I could never fall in love with my curls.” This is a sad story, but it’s also pretty much everyone’s story! Luckily for Jasmine, it has a happy ending. She used to hate her hair and now it makes her money. Look at that, kids!


Since Jasmine is all the goals, always, I had to ask her about how she keeps her hair so cute and curly. She tells me, “I don’t know if you know this but when you sleep on curls, it will flatten them out,” Ugh, girl, yes! Of course this is something I know. “So you can have one side of your head that does not match the rest.” I tell Jasmine that I sleep on my back with a bonnet. She folds her hands under her chin and rests her angelic head on top. “I try to sleep like this just so I don’t mess up my curls,” she says, demonstrating that her head is elevated and therefore no curls are getting smushed. Commitment on another level. See, people? This is why she has a hair campaign and I don’t.

Jasmine also eventually had to start educating hairstylists on how to actually treat her hair. When you’re a Black model, it's not always guaranteed that you will get a hairstylist that knows what they are doing with your precious tresses. “I started speaking up when I started seeing so much breakage on my hair. After doing so many photoshoots and being contracted and working every day for three months, it is so much heat. And I don’t even think that girls notice, but putting your hair back in a hair tie, you can get so much breakage from just doing that.” Sounds easy enough, but what about, say, in the gym, where she often is.


I ask her what she does when she is working out. “I’ve started working out with my hair down. Sometimes it's hard. I get intense in my workouts. And if I do put it up, and I know they’re not in style, but scrunchies because they are so soft on your hair. Especially when you are going to the gym, I’m sorry I am not going to pick up a guy. (Ed. note: Jasmine has a boyfriend so she’s actually not picking up guys anywhere). That’s not where I am going to find my guy. I want to look hot after the gym, so I am going to go in there and sweat as much as I can and do what I need to do. For me, it’s easier to just throw my hair up like that. ”

But really, any girl that DIYs her own hair knows that sometimes it can be a workout in itself.

“The process is so long. Your arms [from lifting] are literally diesel from the end of every hair style. Look, I was tired of having broad shoulders so I got better products and now I don’t have to sit there in the mirror for hours try to get my hair right.”

Thanks to Moroccanoil, though, Sanders is free to workout and do her hair on separate occasions. Swayed by her persuasiveness, I decided to give Moroccan Oil’s curly hair line a try and have been pleasantly surprised by the results. Maybe I’m not a golden Barbie yet, but I’d like to think this new hair routine has made me at least a slightly rusted bronze one.

Written by Danielle Prescod

(Photo: Michael Stewart/WireImage)


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