#RIPVine: Celebrating the Most Lit Vines of All Time

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#RIPVine: Celebrating the Most Lit Vines of All Time

In memoriam. Vine, we hardly knew ye.

Published October 31, 2016

Yesterday Twitter announced that it was pulling the plug its 3-year-old app, Vine. Vine, which became a mega center for Internet comedy, was popular for 6-second videos and skyrocketed people to digital stardom, the same way that sites like Instagram and YouTube did.

Like most things, Black people did Vine the best. Let’s talk about some of our favorite moments, shall we?

Ah, the one that started it all. "Do it for the vine" became an instant colloquial expression in 2014. 

Young people really cornered the market on Vine. Look at this youth with an extremely positive message. 

Terio, of course, who skyrocketed to fame amid controversy, will never be forgotten. 

The only person who can correctly pronounce LeBron James' name in the entire history of language. 

LITERALLY the woman responsible for teaching us what "on fleek" meant. 

THIS guy who will literally never not be relevant. 

Um, the "Drunk in Love" baby? Classic. Feel this so hard. 

And his toddler counterpart who simply wants to know, "Why you mad?"

What a time to be alive. #Amirite? Sadly, Vine's days are numbered but Twitter promises that these videos will live on in Internet infamy forever...or at least until it's too expensive to keep them on a server. 

Written by Danielle Prescod

(Photo: Pleasureofart/Getty Images, Vine)


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