How Sway?: Neiman Marcus Is Selling Luxury Collard Greens For $66

Fresh and ripe green collard growing in the garden

How Sway?: Neiman Marcus Is Selling Luxury Collard Greens For $66

Well Black Twitter has some thoughts about this.

Published November 1, 2016

When you think of Neiman Marcus, do you automatically think “food?” More specifically, do you think "collard greens"? No? We didn’t think so.


But apparently, the high-end retailer has decided to sell the soul food staple online boasting that the greens are seasoned with “just the right amount of spices and bacon.”

No lie: This is incredibly annoying. But this wouldn't be so outrageous if one order of four 12 oz. trays didn’t cost a whopping $66, plus $15.50 shipping. Oh and they're frozen?

Yeah, Neiman Marcus really tried it.

(Photo: Neiman Marcus)
(Photo: Neiman Marcus)

But seriously, why are their collards so damn high?

Are the spices laced with caviar flakes? Did First Lady Michelle Obama personally bless each pan with her #BlackGirlMagic? Because, if not, how can Neiman Marcus justify the cost? Especially since depending on where you shop or if your greens or organic, one bag at your local grocery store can cost $3-5.

This just isn’t adding up.

Of course Black Twitter agreed, calling these bad boys “gentrification greens” and citing their very existence as a sign that “the end of days” are near.

Whatever the case, we don’t care how lazy or boogie you are, you better NOT EVER in your life bring a pan of greens to Thanksgiving that you bought from a website that also sells $200 cashmere-silk v-neck sweaters and $12,500.00 fox fur stoles.

That’s grounds to get your Black card revoked.

Written by Kellee Terrell

(Photo: aimy27feb/Getty Images)


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