#EndOfDays: Why Did Neiman Marcus Sell Out of Their Gentrified Greens?

Southern Style Collard Greens with Salt Pork. (Photo: bhofack2/Getty Images)

#EndOfDays: Why Did Neiman Marcus Sell Out of Their Gentrified Greens?

We have so many questions.

Published November 7, 2016

Is the world coming to an end? It just might be since those $66 frozen "gentrifried" greens that Neiman Marcus was peddling last week have sold out!    

According to the high-end retailer's website, you can no longer purchase their rendition of the soul food staple that they swear is seasoned with “just the right amount of spices and bacon.”   

(Photo: Neiman Marcus)

We have so many questions here, including: Who exactly thought these greens looked like they tasted good? And how many orders were purchased in order for them to be sold out?  And why would anyone even fix their fingers to type in their credit card info to purchase a vegetable that costs $3-5 at your local grocery?

As we asked last week, are the spices laced with caviar flakes? Did First Lady Michelle Obama personally bless each pan with her #BlackGirlMagic? 

Whatever the case, Neiman Marcus has officially ruined your Thanksgiving by forcing you and Nana to have to continue your yearly tradition of making your own greens from scratch. But no worries! They still have plenty of other overpriced dishes you can break the bank on, such as this batch of $90 handmade tamales

(Photo: Neiman Marcus)

And this baked bean medley that for whatever reason costs $80.    

(Photo: Neiman Marcus)

Written by Kellee Terrell

(Photo: bhofack2/Getty Images)


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