Slay! Artist Reimagines Disney Princesses With Curvy Bodies

A reimgaining of fairy tale princesses for fashion illustration

Slay! Artist Reimagines Disney Princesses With Curvy Bodies

Jonquel Norwood's “Magic Has No Size” series is everything!

Published November 11, 2016

For better or worse, a lot of young girls have regarded Disney princesses as role models and the standard of beauty, grace and strength. And over the years, we’ve even seen a bit more racial diversity enter their cartoon canon. But when it comes to size, they’re hasn’t been much of a range — until now. 

New York illustrator Jonquel Norwood recently created curvy versions of Jasmine, Snow White, Tiana and more Disney characters as a part of her “Magic Has No Size” series. And given how dope these are — the images went viral as soon as they hit Instagram.

(Photo: Jonquel Norwood)

Norwood, who grew up loving these characters and even interned at Disney, told that she always had the idea for the project but was fearful — and even wanted to quit art for a while. But she changed her mind.

"Disney princesses represent the American dream to the tenth power and it’s important for people to know that, regardless of their size, race or sexual orientation, everyone deserves a ‘happily ever after’ and deserves to see themselves represented," she said. 

That realization gave birth to this empowering and inspirational series.

(Photo: Jonquel Norwood)

Norwood also stressed that she understands firsthand why body positivity is so important.

“I have been plus size most of my life and I know what it feels like to be body shamed. I used to put my worth in my waistline and thought that I would be happier if I lost weight.”

Norwood hopes her artwork will help others unlearn that mentality.

“[I] created [these designs] to celebrate the 67 percent of women who are unrepresented in today’s media,” she said in a statement.

“All of the princesses are wearing clothing inspired by actual plus size brands in an effort to draw attention to those who have dedicated their brands to dressing curvy women,” she added.

(Photo: Jonquel Norwood)

Despite the occasional piece of hate mail, Norwood says that the series has gotten an incredible amount of love from the public.    

"I've seen mothers tell me that this is the art they want for their little girls and another woman told me that she has always loved Ariel but never saw herself as her until now."

She added, "This positive outcry and attention has been overwhelming and unexpected. I never imagined that it would garner this much attention from media outlets and people. It's really been great!"

And let's not forget well-deserved. 

Brava, Jonquel!

Written by Kellee Terrell

(Photo: Jonquel Norwood)


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