Hey Ladies!: You Should Get An IUD Before Trump Gets Sworn In

Latex gloved hand holding an intrauterine device (IUD or coil).

Hey Ladies!: You Should Get An IUD Before Trump Gets Sworn In

Birth control is under attack under this new administration.

Published November 14, 2016

Here's what we know: That under a Trump presidency, many of us stand to lose basic access to birth control and other forms of reproductive health. In fact, yesterday on 60 Minutes, the president elect said he wil in fact, appoint "pro life judges" to the Supreme Court with the intention to overturn Roe vs Wade. 

We would say don't panic, but actually it is cause for concern. So just one day after the election, women took to Twitter to urge others to get an IUD—and to get one now. 



Currently birth control is free under under Obamacare, but that will most likely change when the Pro-Life/ anti-reproductive health administration takes over next year. Not to mention, Trump and Pence could also further restrict abortion access, so an IUD is a great birth control option to prevent pregnancy. (Also: Pence once tried to pass a bill in Indiana that would force women who had miscarriages or abortions to bury their dead fetuses.)

Yeah, they are not playing around

An IUD is a tiny device that's inserted in your uterus to prevent pregnancy. It's long-term, reversible, and one of the most effective birth control methods out there writes Planned Parenthood. There are currently five types of IUDs and depending on which one you have, it can last between 3-12 years. 

How it works is pretty simple: They basically altering the way sperm moves so it can't get to an egg to fertilize it.

So if you're serious about preventing pregnancy, go ahead and look into an IUD now!

Written by Kellee Terrell

(Photo: Lalocracio/Getty Images)


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