Jennifer Lopez’s Shoe Collab Was Inspired by a Diamond Her Ex Gave Her

Jennifer Lopez’s Shoe Collab Was Inspired By A Diamond Her Ex Gave Her

Jennifer Lopez’s Shoe Collab Was Inspired by a Diamond Her Ex Gave Her

Plus, see the sexy pics from her photo shoot with Harper's Bazaar.

Published November 18, 2016

In a new interview and photo shoot with Harper’s Bazaar, Jennifer Lopez announced a shoe collaboration with designer Giuseppe Zanotti. Zanotti is renowned for making some sexy, sexy, sexy shoes, and if you type the fire emoji three times, J.Lo miraculously appears. They’re a perfect match.

The line, called Giuseppe for Jennifer Lopez, consists of 16 styles, and it will be available for purchase in January. There are echoes of early Jenny from the Block, including booties encrusted in Swarovski crystals and wedge sneakers. As she told Harper’s, “People really associate me with sparkle and a little bit of street edge and things like that. I wanted to make sure that the collection had that, but then some [styles] feel very glam and high-end fashion.”

Lopez even named some colors in the collection after herself, including “Jennifer pink,” and “Jennifer blue.” Jennifer blue was inspired by a 14.5-carat blue-grey diamond that ex-husband Marc Anthony gave her for their first anniversary. That is a next-level seductress move. Jennifer, please teach me your ways.

Her young daughter, Emme, may not be able to walk in heels yet, but she seems to be growing into them nicely. "She loves fashion," said Lopez. "She was wearing my shoes as soon as she started walking. She's actually learning to sew already. Who knows? We may have a little designer on our hands."

For his part, Zanotti was as nervous as we would have been to be in Lopez’s presence. "I was already a bit nervous because you're so close to Jennifer Lopez, this beautiful girl, and we were in her closet," said the designer. "Then she offered me some Mexican coffee, and I was just so nervous that I tripped, and the coffee got in the carpet, in the shoes. It was a disaster. It was even on a painting."

Written by Jocelyn Silver

(Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images )


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