These Holographic Glosses Put a Kylie Lip Kit to Shame

(Photo: Sigma Beauty)

These Holographic Glosses Put a Kylie Lip Kit to Shame

Pucker up.

Published November 18, 2016

It’s 2016, meaning we essentially live in the future — although granted, after last week, it’s a dystopian future. According to The Jetsons, by now we should be flying around with jet-packs and using robots as personal assistants. We aren’t. But at least your face can look stereotypically futuristic!

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Holographic lips are shiny, glossy and quite literally out of this world. 

And if you use subtle color, they can even be pretty wearable from day to day. Just like lip gloss, but with a liiiiiittle something extra.

To get the look, Buzzfeed recommends the Lip Switch glosses from Sigma Beauty. The glosses are gorgeous and totally iridescent, and they seem to change color depending on the light. The Holographic Stick from Milk Makeup has a similar Space Age vibe, and you can use it on both your lips and cheekbones (although the Sigma Beauty products are half the price). Get your gloss on!

Written by Jocelyn Silver

(Photo: Sigma Beauty)


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