The Future: Smart Phones to Get All-Screen Displays in 2017

Courtesy of Xiaomi

The Future: Smart Phones to Get All-Screen Displays in 2017

Hold the world in the palm of your hand, literally.

Published December 9, 2016

The movies would have us believe that by the 2000s we’d have jet packs and wear all super clean white clothing and live on Mars with robot butlers. Well, at the end of 2016, life is much more like The Hunger Games than a slick science fiction movie, especially when you factor popular dystopian Yeezy clothing into the equation. But next year, we may get one step closer to The Jetsons, because as Select All reports, it’s looking like we’re going to get phones from Samsung and Apple that are all screen, no bezel.

So what is a bezel? I did not know such a word existed, and now I can’t stop saying it. But basically, a bezel is the border around the top, bottom, and sides of a smart phone, all of the material that doesn’t include the screen. It encases a lot of your phone’s most important hardware: a front-facing camera, the microphones, etc.

So why get rid of it? As Select All’s Jake Swearingen writes:

“In the race for screen size, which overall makes a phone more pleasant to use, bezels just mean the physical size of the phone has to be larger, which leads to problems like the iPhone Plus models having trouble fitting in pockets, or some larger phones being nearly unusable if you’re using only one hand. Eliminating bezels either means you can pack even more screen space into a phone of the same size, or even shrink phones down a bit while maintaining the five inches or more of screen space that many premium-phone buyers are looking for.”

There have been phones released in China where the bezels have been largely removed, like so:

Swearingen writes that it’s looking like Samsung’s Galaxy S8 will  be entirely bezel-free, with no physical buttons. If so, it’ll be a big comeback for the company, which recently faced controversy (and hilarious ridicule) with its exploding phone debacle. As for Apple, their next step has yet to be confirmed. But they did file a patent earlier this year for a virtual home button, which would get the iPhone close to being entirely bezel-less. According to Barclays analysts, it is likely that next year’s iPhones will be bezel-free.

The phones look super cool without bezels, kind of like a hologram is about to shoot out of them. Very Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century. Although, doesn’t pressing a home button feel kind of satisfying? Will we miss them? I suppose we’ll find out soon enough. 

Written by Jocelyn Silver

(Photo: Courtesy of Xiaomi)


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