Crisis Color Change: Kanye's New Hair Explained

Kanye West out and about in Soho with bleached hair (fixed color profile)
Pictured: Kanye West
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Crisis Color Change: Kanye's New Hair Explained

2016 really has been full of twists and turns.

Published December 13, 2016

After a very public breakdown that merited hospitalization, it appears that Kanye West is now, thankfully, in recovery. He’s free to go out and about, which is exactly what he's doing. On Friday, 'Ye hit up an exhibition featuring the furniture of one of his favorite fashion designers, Rick Owens, at the MOCA Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles. Italian artist Giovanni Leonardo Bassan snapped a pic of the rapper, and it damn near broke the internet. 

#KanyeWest at the "Rick Owens: Furniture" exhibition at the MOCA PDC. December 8. (📷: @giovannileonardobassan)

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Kanye is blonde now! And not just any blonde. His hair now has the bleached yellow tones of kids in Southern California skate parks in the early 2000s. Very Hot Topic, very ska. It’s so weird, and so random.

In an ironic twist of fate, yesterday the liner notes were revealed for Frank Ocean’s Blonde, and Yeezy is listed as a co-writer on “White Ferrari.” So obviously, "blonde" has been trending for him for a while. 

Then today, Kanye went to meet with America's most famous strawberry blonde: President-elect Donald Trump. He was photographed in the Trump Tower this morning. Kanye said they discussed "life." If Kanye is still standing by his comments that Donald Trump is a "genius" and he would have voted for him.... we're scared. Will legendarily scary Trump strategist Steve Bannon be Kanye's new Will Ferrell? Terrifying.

Since such a small percentage of the world is naturally blonde and even a smaller percentage is Black and blonde, we imagine that Yeezy is tapping into this #veryrare aesthetic. Even more telling though is the overwhelming amount of people that change their hair as a response to trauma: breakups, or in this case, breakdowns, can be a catalyst for physical change (it's real, google it!) and we think Kanye might be trying to tell us something, especially since he recently decided to stop talking. 

Written by Jocelyn Silver

(Photo: Jackson Lee / Splash News)


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