Best of the Receipts and Reads of 2016

Best of the Receipts and Reads of 2016

Everything that immediately required a screenshot.

Published December 15, 2016

We can all agree, 2016 was a bit rough and, unless you were ready to read someone’s entire life or pull out the receipts to back up your claims, you didn’t survive. It takes a certain flare to deliver these snarky stabs, so we’ve brought you the best of the best from celebrities this year.

Pull out your tea cup, because there’s going to be A LOT to sip to. 

  1. Taylor Swift VS. Kimye
    (Photo from left: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images, Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Harper's Bazaar)

    Taylorgate was a major part of this year and if you don’t know what we’re referring to, then you need to brush up on your pop culture info stat. We're actually not sure Taylor Swift will ever recover but let's start at the beginning.

    “For all my Southside n****s that know me best, I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex, Why? I made that b***h famous…” So went the lyrics for Kanye West’s 2016 hit “Famous,” which debuted in February. 

    Let’s just say T. Swizzle wasn’t too happy with the lyrics and was pretty vocal about her displeasure. That is until very OG ride or die wifey Kim Kardashian-West released audio via Keeping Up With the Kardashians of Yeezy giving Taylor the rundown of the song before its release and her pretty much consigning it. Bloop! When the Wests pulled out the receipts, Swifties everywhere lost faith in pop’s golden girl while Team Kimye strengthened in numbers.

  2. Wendy Williams VS. Blac Chyna
    (Photo from left: Santiago Felipe/Getty Images, Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash)

    Blac Chyna went in on Wendy Williams after the TV personality spent a sold five minutes of her show bashing the Rob & Chyna star. Wendy’s rant included accusing Chyna of only using Rob Kardashian for personal gain and even bashed her boyfriend, calling the "old" Rob thinner, smarter and more confident. 

    Chyna caught wind of her comments and went on her own rant via Instagram. In a since deleted post, she wrote, "So funny how you love to talk about Rob and his insecurities like at a point in time you wasn't a fat 400 pound a** b**ch on the radio!" She continued, "You go out there talking about my family like you just hit the pipe backstage!" The lesson here is an old one — don’t mess with family.

  3. Beyoncé VS. Becky

    Beyoncé’s iconic ablum Lemonade had literally everyone asking “Who is Becky with the good hair?” earlier this year. 

    The BeyHive quickly jumped on the case, accusing the likes of Rita Ora, Rachel Roy and even poor Rachael Ray of being the alleged side chick of Jay Z that Bey blasted on the album. It got so bad for these women that they all had to make statements denying that they were the culprit. “Sorry” songwriter Diana Gordon tried squashing the rumors, saying, "I was like, 'What day and age from that lyric do you get all of this information? Is it really telling you all that much, accusing people?'"

    Nice cover. We’re still looking for you, Becky.

  4. Chloë Grace Moretz VS. Kim Kardashian
    (Photo from left: Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for The Trevor Project, Larry Busacca/Getty Images)

    We never would have thought little Chloë Grace Moretz would make it to this list, but then again, 2016 was the year of plot twists. Back in March, Kim Kardashian put it all out there, again when she posted a nude selfie to social media. The 19-year-old actress was not pleased with the message the image was sending young girls like herself and tweeted, “I truly hope you realize how important setting goals are for young women, teaching them we have so much more to offer than our bodies.”

    She later added, “There’s a huge difference in respecting the platform that you’re given as a celebrity and ‘slut shaming,’ something I never have done and would never do.” Kim’s response was, “Let’s all welcome @ChloeGMoretz to Twitter, since no one knows who she is.” She also followed it up by calling Chloe out for a super sexy magazine spread she did. 

    This is the year Kim was out for blood. 

  5. J. Cole vs. 'His Idol'

    On his track "False Prophets," off his new album 4 Your Eyez Only,  J. Cole came for everyone. But since he didn’t name names, hip hop heads everywhere are dissecting the song’s lyrics trying to figure out exactly who he came for. The consensus seems to be Drake for being a culture vulture, Kanye West for being an egomaniac and all these “lil” rappers. Shots fired!

  6. Keke Palmer VS. Meghan James
    (Photo from left: Jesse Grant/Getty Images, Jen Lowery / Splash News)

    Keke Palmer’s love of Bad Girls Club sparked a Twitter feud for the ages. Keeks decided to engage in some light Twitter banter with her followers while binge watching BGG, but things turnt all the way up when she called out one of the show’s stars, Meghan James, for being “corny” and “weak.” Meghan then called her a hater and dropped a bomb accusing the actress of sleeping with multiple athletes, one of which has an incurable STD. Yikes!

    They went tit for tat on social media after that. And the gag is…at the very end of 2016 they’re still going.

    Part 2 #KekePalmer #MehganJames #ClapBackSeason

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  7. Kyga VS. 21 Savage
    (Photo from left: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Harper's Bazaar, Bennett Raglin/BET/Getty Images for BET)

    This year, Atlanta rapper 21 Savage lived up to his name because he was a straight up savage about his crush on Kylie Jenner, telling TMZ, “I’ll tear that a** up.” Yes, rapper Tyga is dating Kylie, so you can see where beef begins. But don’t worry, this is 2016 not 1996. Rap beef ain’t what it used to be. Instead of taking this to the streets, they took the tiff to the ‘gram.

    Savage posted a pic of the KUWTK star on Instagram with the caption, “shoutout to my boss b*****s wifing niggas” after she previewed a diss track where her boyfriend alludes to Savage “sucking d**k for a Ferrari.” He took his savagery one step further when he switched up his avatar to an edited pic of Kylie sporting his signature forehead knife tattoo. The lip kit queen even stepped in to defend her man, referring to Savage as b***h on Instagram. Burns all around!

    #KylieJenner called #21Savage a b**** 😩 #ClapBackSeason

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Written by Jazmine A. Ortiz

(Photo from left: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images, Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Harper's Bazaar)


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