See Joanne the Scammer's New Movie

(Photo: Branden Miller via Instagram)

See Joanne the Scammer's New Movie

Khadi Don and Joanne demonstrate Caucasian Living.

Published December 16, 2016

Yesterday Joanne, the world's most notorious scammer, teamed up with another internet-famous lady, Khadi Don, and released a short movie that is a modern take on Thelma and Louise

The character of Joanne is already an interesting commentary on the reality of the modern woman and is decidedly feminist, which is why it is not entirely surprising to see an abuse and subsequent girl power moment from her. Even the brief dark moment later yields comic relief. 

Since Joanne's rise to fame has been the best thing to happen in 2016, we can't help but celebrate with her because it's true: scammers never die. 


Written by Danielle Prescod


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