17 Things You Should Never Say During Sex

Portrait of young couple lying on bed. (Photo: David Jakle/Getty Images)

17 Things You Should Never Say During Sex

Ignore at your own risk.

Published December 19, 2016

Sex is fun and...awkward af. Here are the top things you should never let come out of your mouth while getting it in.

  1. “Is it in?”

    Welp. That’s the fastest way to put an end to the festivities.

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  2. “I not sure we should be doing this.”

    You can — and should — 100 percent walk away at any point if you decide you don’t want to continue. But real talk, you should probably figure this out before you get started.

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  3. “I really need to work out.”

    Confidence is sexy. Don’t let yours slip.

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  4. “You really need to work out.”

    Don’t be cruel.

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  5. “I love you.”

    Obviously, it’s fine if you’ve said it before. But the first time you say those three words to someone should never be during sex.

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  6. “Hold on, let me respond to that text.”

    If your phone is more important, you shouldn’t be doing the do.

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  7. “I really liked it when my ex….”

    Leave the other folks you used to have sex with out of it.

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  8. “Seriously? I can finish myself.”

    We have no doubt that you can get the job done, but your partner will never want to try again if you don’t offer some encouragement or direction.

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  9. “Yes, someone’s-name-that-isn’t-your-current-partner!”

    Yeah, the least you can do is keep track of who you’re with.

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  10. “Are you almost done?”

    We like a quickie, too, but this sounds like you’d rather not bother at all.

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  11. “You’d be a great parent.”

    Another conversation for another time, my G.

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  12. “That’s cute.”

    No naked person wants to hear that something about their body is “cute.” Try again.

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  13. “Damn, you’re weird.”

    You can say no to anything you’re not comfortable with, but no judging your partner’s fantasies.

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  14. “Shoot. I forgot to pay my cellphone bill.”

    Lose focus much?

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  15. “Be quiet.”

    Unless you are having covert relations, telling someone to quiet down in the middle of sex is a major mood killer.

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  16. “Is that it?”

    If playtime is too short, feel free to never do it again. But no need to insult your partner.

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  17. “We should break up.”

    Yeah, not the time.

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Written by Kenrya Rankin

(Photo: David Jakle/Getty Images)


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