See Why Keke Palmer Used to Want a New Nose

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Pictured: Keke Palmer
(Photo: Jake Rosenberg/Covateur)
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Date: 12/20/16

See Why Keke Palmer Used to Want a New Nose

And she once again got fairly naked in the freezing cold.

Published December 20, 2016

Today, Coveteur posted two revealing interviews with Keke Palmer. The site explored her over-the-top wardrobe and she was once again shot in the winter in New York City while wearing very few clothes. Keke has stamina.

The actress/singer, who, as it turns out, does her own makeup, got pretty introspective. She talked about colorism, how beauty standards for Black women have affected her and how she was able to eventually accept herself.

“I ask myself a lot of questions and I'm honest with myself about how I feel,” Keke said. “When I was younger I wanted a nose job, I felt pressure because I had a ‘Black nose’ whatever the f**k that means. When I got older it went away. The same thing with my complexion. Growing up, people would tell me I'm wasn’t ‘the prettiest Black girl.’ I can't be considered a pretty Black girl because I'm not lighter complected. Every culture, every country, every people have their own standards of what they feel is beauty and they affect you in different ways.”

During the interview, she was also tweeting at fans. Keke is obviously pretty active on social media and always takes time to engage with her followers. She offered them some valuable advice.

“I would tell my young followers to do what you want to do,” she said. “It's not about you doing things because of other people. Do what you want to do. Nobody can hold you back. If you want to be natural, be natural. Whatever you want to be, who cares? Be that because you want to. I just want young people to not be victim to groupthink. I think my generation's definitely opening up more to individual ideas and beliefs but I really want us to know, at the end of the day, that it's about how we feel, think and set the tone. I want to be challenged. We should be challenging each other. Not telling everyone to be the same. Tell me something different! Otherwise the world gets boring as hell. I mean honestly, sometimes we go on Instagram and too many people are looking the same. I want to see how different you look!”  

That’s some solid perspective. And Keke is also self-aware enough to acknowledge that she can get messy on social media. She was feuding with a reality star just a few days ago! She offered up an explanation for some Twitter drama.

“The main thing about me that I feel sometimes people don't always know is that everything I comment on isn't always a defense,” said Keke. “I'm not always defending myself, I'm defending other voices like me. A part of what I came into as a young person was starting to be aware of my platform and sometimes I'll reply to s**t if I'm getting bullied or something’s being said to me or somebody takes something I said the wrong way or whatever. I will make a moment out of it just because I want to say something to the kids. I want to shine a light on something that I feel we all can relate to and are thinking about in some type of way.”


Written by Jocelyn Silver

(Photos: Jake Rosenberg/Coveteur)


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