7 Signs It's Time to Stop Partying

Cork, Ireland

7 Signs It's Time to Stop Partying

From drunk posting on Snapchat to messing up at work, why it may be time to stay in.

Published December 22, 2016

Find that you’re consistently wearing less and goin’ out more? Wondering if maybe it’s time to stay out of the club? Here are the top signs you need to hit pause on the party.

  1. You lose all your Fs

    You tend to drink so much that you forget how to care about much of anything.

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  2. All the bouncers know you by name

    Like, they are your actual homies at this point.

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  3. You have to carefully check your pockets before flying

    TSA doesn’t take kindly to your random leftover paraphernalia…

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  4. You frequently drunk-post on Snapchat

    The morning after a night out is always an adventure.

    Jesus Kimberly.. you thot!

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  5. Sundays are dedicated to hangovers

    You routinely spend the Lord’s day downing water and ibuprofen.

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  6. You’re uncomfortable sober

    If you’re only able to handle social situations when you’re intoxicated, you need a new strategy.

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  7. Life is getting away from you

    Whether it’s work, bae or your friends, the other people and things in your life are suffering.

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Written by Kenrya Rankin

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