15 Types of Sex You Should Have at Least Once

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15 Types of Sex You Should Have at Least Once

How many have YOU had?

Published January 3, 2017

So ways to do the do, so little time! How many of these have you done?

  1. A Quickie

    Only have five minutes? Make them count.

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  2. Morning Sex

    Totally worth being late to work for.

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  3. One Night Stand

    Keep it safe, then move on.

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  4. Make Up Sex

    Let your bodies do the apologizing. 

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  5. Break Up Sex

    He’s gonna miss you when you’re gone.

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  6. Porn Star Sex

    Try something new, no inhibitions allowed.

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  7. Vacation Sex

    You don’t have to change the sheets yourself, and you can order food in. Score!

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  8. Public Place Sex

    The fear of being caught will heighten all your senses.

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  9. Slow Wine Sex

    Slow and steady flexing wins this race.

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  10. Role Play Sex

    Break out your wigs!

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  11. Bathroom Sex

    That countertop, though.

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  12. Loud Sex

    Your neighbors will live.

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  13. Silent Sex

    Yeah, your roommates are right outside the door. Go for it anyway.

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  14. Solo Sex

    No one loves you like you love you.

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  15. I Love You Sex

    Yay for a deeper connection.

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Written by BET Staff

(Photo: JAG IMAGES/Getty Images)


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