17 Places Everyone Should Have Sex

Couple on sofa, focus on feet in foreground

17 Places Everyone Should Have Sex

From the stairs to the fitting room, we have a few ideas…

Published January 6, 2017

Making a bucket list of all the places you want to hit up with your cuffing season main? We have you covered.

  1. On the Stairs

    Carpeting helps.

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  2. In A Car

    There’s rarely enough space, but because of the thrill of getting it in in semi-public is sexy as hell.

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  3. At the Movies

    The darkness is just begging you to go for it.

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  4. At work

    Your office, or your partners?

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  5. In A Pool

    One time for weightlessness!

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  6. In a Closet

    Preferably with people nearby.

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  7. On The Floor

    No edges to fall off!

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  8. In An Elevator

    The ultimate quickie.

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  9. Against a Window

    Who cares who’s watching?

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  10. In the Bathroom

    At home, at a hotel, at a restaurant—where ever works.

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  11. In the Shower

    Just don’t depend on the shower bar to hold you up...

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  12. In Your Childhood Room

    It’s like time traveling.

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  13. Outside

    You’ve never felt anything until you’ve felt a gentle breeze on your bare, sweaty skin.

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  14. In A Limo

    Mr. Driver...

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  15. In a Fitting Room

    Privacy in a public space? Yes, please!

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  16. At Your Homegirl’s House

    Being covert and silent can be extra-hot.

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  17. In Front of A Mirror

    It’s hotter and way more immediate than video.

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Written by BET Staff

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