This Harry Potter Trap Song Is the Best Thing on the Internet Today

(Photo: Yung Mavu via Youtube)

This Harry Potter Trap Song Is the Best Thing on the Internet Today

Yes, you read that right.

Published January 11, 2017

Sometimes, the internet is good to us. It’s not all terrible news about the world and Trump’s potential golden showers. Sometimes, we are blessed. And today’s particular gift to the world comes from a rapper named Yung Mavu, who shall henceforth by known as The Rapper Who Lived. He spits rhymes about Harry Potter! But it’s really more like Trap-py Potter. Presenting “Black Magic (Black Harry Potter).”

The lyrics are fire. (Or, as they say in Potterworld, “incendio.”) Each verse is better than the last. “Started it all off with the Philosopher’s Stone/ Then I took your girl to the Secret Chamber/ I made her work her body/ I call it labor.” So good.  “And I can talk to snakes so I pull up with venom.” All of the Parseltongues could only dream of such swagger!

Yung Mavu, born Noah Mavuela, is a genius the likes of which the world has not seen since the birth of Joanne Rowling. Mavu is a 16-year-old from Antwerp, and he’s a native Dutch speaker. He only started rapping in English two years ago, and his pun game is already so on point. Very impressive.

He came up with the idea for “Black Magic” while in school.  “I was in class and we had a little break, and so I just went on YouTube and looked at trending videos,” he told me over Skype. “I saw this Harry Potter trap remix and thought it was really dope. And in the same class, this girl was a total Potterhead. I let her hear the remix, and then she said, ‘Why don’t you rap over this beat?’” And thus history was made.

Despite the evidence, Mavu isn’t the world’s biggest HP fan. “I like Harry Potter a lot, and I enjoy watching the movies, but I’m not a really Potterhead,” he said. He hasn’t even read the books — although his favorite movie is The Deathly Hallows Part II, a sensitive choice. And Malfoy is his favorite character. “Throughout the whole series they say he’s bad and stuff,” he said. “But in the last movies you can see that he’s just an innocent boy.” Awww.

There’s a pretty severe lack of people of color in the HP universe (the Patels and Dean Thomas notwithstanding), so it’s doubly awesome to see Mavu take on the subject matter. Black magic, indeed.

And this is far from the last we’ll be seeing of him. Mavu, who likes rappers like Denzel Curry and Skepta, does do more than spit about Harry Potter. “I base my raps on the news and stuff like being bullied and racism,” he said. “I’m just trying to motivate people like me to do their stuff. But I can also rap about stupid s***.” [Laughs]

Mavu is only a teenager, and the labels are already circling. Maybe next he’ll take on Lord of the Rings?

Written by Jocelyn Silver

(Photo: Yung Mavu via Youtube)


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