The Biggest Plastic Surgery Trend of 2017 Is Not What You'd Expect

The Biggest Plastic Surgery Trend of 2017 Is Not What You'd Expect

And it seems like it hurts.

Published January 17, 2017

According to most, we’re living in the age of the ass. It’s a time of injectables and of Instagram models in high-cut bodysuits. Everyone is very stressed about making their butt look its best. But let’s not forget about boobs! Yes, the OG purveyor of plastic surgery is getting even more extreme. 

According to the Plastic Surgery Group, 2017’s biggest plastic surgery trend is boob-centric, yet so specific that it doesn’t even involve the whole gland. As a statement from the group reads, “We have seen a 30% rise in women requesting a smaller nipple size in the last year.” Oh.

"We found that patients with smaller-sized nipples rated [higher] in attractiveness than those with larger nipples," said consultant plastic surgeon Mo Akhavani. This is all very stressful. So, in addition to worrying if our boobs are big enough or too big or not perky or symmetrical enough, now nipples are coming into question? What if someone decides that big nipples are the new trend? What happens then?

On the bright side, perhaps this will lead to a whole new era of nipple customization. Blue nipples! Heart-shaped nipples! Beer-flavored nipples! If we’re going to so drastically alter our bodies, we might as well reach for the stars.

Written by Jocelyn Silver

(Photo: Patrick Lane/Getty Images)


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