This Male Model Declared His Love for Plus Size Women

This Male Model Declared His Love for Plus Size Women

And guess what? He's single.

Published January 20, 2017

When you think about the fight for body positivity for women, men aren’t usually a factor. Most men have their own private preferences, and when they talk about plus size women, especially online, the comments you usually see are body shaming or totally fetishistic. It’s rare to see a man who gets it, especially publicly. But then there’s Jay Kennedy.

Kennedy, a model, DJ, and bodybuilder from the Bay Area, uses his popular YouTube channel, Every Wednesday, to express his interest in plus size women. The dude clearly has a type, but he also speaks with a lot of sensitivity. "How can you appreciate some parts of a woman being bigger [butt, boobs] and shun other parts [stomach, arms] for being big," he says in one video.

“Every Wednesday is a place where you can come and be surrounded by positivity and positive people,” he said in an interview with Revelist.

“It kind of sucks the way society has set us all up for failure, meaning guys I talk to, and men in general, feel like it’s wrong to be attracted to bigger women,” he continued. “I think a lot of that is just due to the media." 

"In my experience, full-figured women just have more confidence," he said in another video. "And as we all know, that's one of the most sought-after traits a woman can posess." 

Kennedy even understands the practical concerns for plus size women, such as how difficult shopping can be.  He detailed his thoughts in another video.“You go to a lot of stores and some of the nicer things or the cute outfits might only to go a size 8 or 10 … And when they do have a selection of plus-size clothes, you have outdated styles … If you’re not a size 0 or 2, they really don’t care and they’ll just throw anything out there to sell. It’s almost like the people that design these clothes don’t want plus-size people to feel confident or sexy; they want to keep them covered up … or not be up on certain styles or trends.”

Kennedy also told Revelist about a charity he’s setting up to give high school girls their dream prom. “We want to give [them a dress] for free and set them up with a photoshoot and get their limo; basically do their prom experience. So right now I’m working that out and setting aside money to start with the first couple of people for proms this year.”

Yes, this man is real, and according the interview, he’s single. But we imagine that won’t last long.

Written by Jocelyn Silver

(Photo: Tyler Kennedy via Instagram)


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