I'm With Her: Two Women Got Engaged to Each Other at the Women’s March

(Photo: Lissa Stapleton via Facebook)

I'm With Her: Two Women Got Engaged to Each Other at the Women’s March

"Love will win, and has been winning."

Published January 23, 2017

The unbelievably massive Women’s March featured protesters fighting for women’s rights, LGBT rights, Black Lives Matter and much, much more. One lady had a sign that read “Too many issues, not enough poster,” which kind of said it all. But despite the fact that most marchers were fueled by their anger after the inauguration of Donald Trump, the event was positive and life-affirming. And as such, so many heart-warming stories are coming out of it. Like the story of Lissa Stapleton, who proposed to her girlfriend of three years, Marcela Ramirez, at the march in Riverside, California.

Ramirez, an organizer of the Riverside march, went onstage to give a speech. And right when she finished, Stapleton came on to propose. Ramirez told Cosmopolitan that she was “totally surprised” and that Stapleton was “in cahoots” with her fellow organizers. You can watch the whole thing on video.

"I think it's very fitting for who we are and what we fight for and what we stand for that we got engaged at the Women's March," she told Cosmpolitan. "The love that we have for our queer community, and for our people-of-color community, and our women community. I think it's ideal, actually."

"People all over the world are coming together to say justice has to prevail,” she continued. “Love will win, and has been winning. One of the things I said during the proposal is who we are, as out women of color, is an act of resistance. Every time we choose to hold hands in public, it's an act of resistance. It felt like a proposal in this space with a lot of great energy and love and with a lot of folks fighting for the same thing, it felt like the right place."

Please excuse us, we’re weeping.


Written by Jocelyn Silver

(Photo: Lissa Stapleton via Facebook)


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