See Rihanna's $4,000 Look for the Dentist

Rihanna was spotted leaving a NYC dentist's office, after spending the night before, participating in the Women's March. She was all smiles as she left the office, wearing a red velour track suit and a black coaches jacket over it. She carried a pair of sexy red leather gloves in her hand .
Pictured: Rihanna
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See Rihanna's $4,000 Look for the Dentist

Well, that's one way to floss.

Published January 25, 2017

The dentist is normally a place where one goes to repeatedly get stabbed in the mouth with annoying little tools, enjoy copious amounts of laughing gas, or thumb through a copy of Highlights from 1998. What does one wear to the dentist? Like, a sweatshirt?

But alas, Rihanna is no mere mortal, and so she looked absurdly cool while hitting the dentist the other night in NYC. 

Rihanna wearing Juicy Couture z Vetements red top and pants

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RiRi wore a full Vetements x Juicy Couture look, with the top retailing for $690 and the pants for $1,140. She was also in her Jacquie Aiche eternity bands, which she wears regularly, and which go for $1,190 each. The woman truly never dresses down — unless she’s wearing a bikini. 

Written by Jocelyn Silver

(Photo: 247PAPS.TV / Splash News)


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