Sophia Richie Gets Her Best Beauty Advice From Her Famous Father

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Sophia Richie Gets Her Best Beauty Advice From Her Famous Father

It's more than just good genes.

Published January 27, 2017

Eighteen-year-old model, Sophia Richie is slowly climbing up the fashion ladder. She's scored some major campaigns in her short career, and while you might only know her famous last name because of her dad and big sis, it turns out that her genes are responsible for a lot more of her beauty than you might realize. That's right. Sophia takes beauty cues from none other than her father. 

The Beverly Hills native told the Coveteur that her dad, Lionel, blessed her with the secret of coconut oil. 

"I actually picked it up from my dad... coconut oil on my face and on my arms. He has insane hygiene habits — probably more than most girls, honestly [laughs]."

Though we didn't get any further details on Lionel's habits, Sophia revealed her daily morning routine. Aside from coconut oil, her other must-have beauty products are eyebrow gel, rose oil, and Giorgio Armani Primer. "It makes your skin matte, so I use that ever day," she said.

Out of all Sophia's morning beauty tips and fashion favorites, Lionel putting her on to coconut oil was one we least expected.  

Written by Yakira Young

(Photos: The Coveteur / Alec Kugler)


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