Should You Sex Prep for Valentine's Day?

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Should You Sex Prep for Valentine's Day?

All your downtown grooming inquiries answered.

Published February 6, 2017

Looking for Valentine’s Day lingerie is all fun and games until you realize you’ve been putting that much needed wax appointment off since the summertime. Or perhaps you’ve never had a wax before and want to shine in all your womanly glory for the big night. Well, being that V-Day is just about a week away, it’s officially crunch time.

We went to experts at European Wax Center to fill us in on Valentine’s Day, or rather night, prep because we have questions that need answers. Melanie Coba, Brand Ambassador for EWC, gave the lowdown on how to get baby smooth skin just in time.

BET: When should you be getting waxed in time for some Valentine’s Day night fun? I’m a last minute person. Can I go that morning and still get busy that same night?

Melanie Coba:  [If you're] someone who waxes regularly (every three to four weeks, and have been getting waxed for four months or longer), then you can probably get away with waxing the same day. If you are new to waxing, or don't wax on a schedule, I would recommend coming in 24-48 hours in advance.

BET: What should first timers who want to get V-Day ready expect?

MC: Our waxer will take great care of you from start to finish. First, she will lead you back to her wax suite. You will undress and lay on the wax bed. Try not to be shy or self-conscious, your waxer does this all day. She will walk you through our four-step process as she goes. Your job is to stay relaxed and be ready to enjoy a feeling of smoothness that only a person who waxes can understand. You will be in and out of the room in about 15 minutes. My best advice is use the products your waxer recommends to maintain smooth, beautiful skin all month long. 


“I believe every woman should try the Brazilian at least twice in a row. Once you do it twice, you will be hooked, I promise!”

BET: Bikini line, full bikini or Brazilian — what’s most popular at EWC? Which would you recommend?

MC: Definitely the Brazilian. Women of all ages, backgrounds and lifestyles love the benefits of a Brazilian wax. I believe every woman should try the Brazilian at least twice in a row. Once you do it twice, you will be hooked, I promise!

The first Brazilian is really about getting it out of the way. It’s really on your second wax that you become hooked. The second wax is more comfortable and the results are smoother and last longer.

B: What should your regimen be for getting the smoothest skin "down there"?

MC: You should be waxing every three to four weeks. Pre-booking you reservation helps tremendously with keeping you on schedule. Between visits, you should be exfoliating and moisturizing every day. Exfoliating helps to remove excess dead skin while moisturizing helps keep the healthy skin nourished.

B: Can you provide us with any other sage waxing advice?

MC: You will get the best results if you stay on a consistent schedule and use the products recommended by your waxer. When you follow this regimen, your skin will be smoother and more beautiful than ever before and your wax reservation will be a relaxing me-time experience you look forward to every couple of weeks.

Say “yes” to Brazilians; exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate; and waxing newbies should go a day or two in advance — Got it? In case you were thinking about taking things into your own hands, this is not the time for a DIY situation. Listen to the little inner voice that says “Treat yourself!” and do just that. Your vajayjay is the star of the night, after all. 

Written by Jazmine A. Ortiz

(Photo: Lorado/Getty Images)


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