Hacks for Scoring a Date on the Two Top Apps on Valentine’s Day

Hacks for Scoring a Date on the Two Top Apps on Valentine’s Day

We talked to the experts at Tinder and Bumble about finding your perfect Valentine.

Published February 14, 2017

For singles, it’s officially crunch time when it comes to finding a Valentine. The pressure is especially on if you haven’t any suitors in sight, so BET.com spoke to leading dating apps Tinder and Bumble to get better insight into landing that perfect V-Day date.

When it comes to Tinder, there’s a 10 percent increase in usage on February 14 compared to the average usage at the top of the year. To put things in perspective, this equated to 1.7 billion swipes on Valentine’s Day last year. And here’s a fun fact: 26-year-olds were the most popular age on that day.

“For those seeking a Tinder match or date specifically for the romantic holiday, I would encourage them to think critically about what their profile says about them. Users are always curious about what a potential match is actually like by analyzing their profile photos and bio. Make sure your photos provide potential matches with insight about who you are — meaning that the adorable pic from your BFF’s birthday party is totally acceptable! This may also be a great conversation starter after matching,” says Dr. Jess Carbino, Tinder Sociologist.

Actually, whether you’re specifically looking for a V-Day date or not, the holiday is still a good time to search  for a potential partner. Bumble sees some of their biggest spikes in activity in the days leading up to and immediately following Valentine’s Day, which means that even if you haven’t been struck by Cupid’s arrow on the 14th there’s still good odds of finding someone you connect with after.


"Don't put the pressure on finding the love of your life (or your next relationship) in time for Valentine's  Day." -Alexandra Williamson, Bumble VP of Brand Content


“Don't put pressure on finding the love of your life (or your next relationship) in time for Valentine's Day. We always feel that the best way to approach Bumble is to be open to meeting people, maybe they end up being a new friend or business contact or you meet the love of your life. Every person you meet has the potential to expand your world, so we recommend enjoying the process of getting to know people,” explains Alexandra Williamson, Bumble VP of Brand Content.

She also shares that women right swipe 25 percent more on the days leading up to the big day and this trend continues for a few days after, while men right swipe 30 percent more on V-Day and continue that trend through the following week. As a result of the increased swipe and match activity that occurs in the days leading up to V day, in the three days following V day, women are 90 percent more likely to make the first move. We like these odds!

The experts at both Tinder and Bumble agree that scheduling a first date on Valentine’s Day probably isn’t the smartest move either.

“First dates for some can be a little nerve wracking. Given the amount of pressure and meaning associated with Valentine's Day, scheduling a first date on Valentine's Day may not be the best idea. Alternatively, I would recommend considering February 13, February 15, or February 16, so there’s not as much pressure,” advises Tinder’s Dr. Jess.

But, alas, if a Valentine’s Day date is what your heart is set on, Bumble’s Alexandra Williamson has some creative suggestions that won’t make the whole thing seem forced. For example, instead of a super romantic Valentine's Day dinner, opt to celebrate anti-Valentine's Day by going to an arcade bar, concert, or even going to do charity work. “We'd recommend against spending the holiday in a restaurant surrounded by couples celebrating, as that makes for an awkward way to have a first date if you don't hit it off,” she says.

Will you be swiping for love this Valentine’s season?

Written by Jazmine A. Ortiz

(Photo: Tim Robberts/Getty Images)


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