There's an App for That: You Can Pay Someone to Swipe on Tinder for You

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There's an App for That: You Can Pay Someone to Swipe on Tinder for You

Well, that's one way to do it.

Published February 14, 2017

Are you sick of getting terrible messages with either blatant sexual advances or cheesy pickup lines on Tinder? Are you British? Are you reasonably lazy? Then boy, do we have a pitch for you.

As Cosmopolitan reports, a London-based company called Fantastic Services, which one would normally use to hire cleaners or handymen, is now offering to swipe through your Tinder profile. For a fee, they’ll do 500-5,000 swipes to present a carefully curated version of Tinder. Basically, they’re sweeping away human trash. As the tagline says, “Send the love rats away!”

To get started, you sit down for an hour with an administrator from Fantastic Services to discuss your dating preferences. They then start swiping (the number of swipes depends on how much you pay). And then they’ll even handle the absolute worst part of Tinder for you: starting the conversation. Essentially, you can pay someone to deal with sending endless versions of “hey” and “what’s up.”

Unfortunately it’s only available in London at the moment. America, can we get this going? 

Written by Jocelyn Silver

(Photo: Westend61/Getty Images)


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