See 5 New Sleep Caps That Will Keep Your Edges Intact

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See 5 New Sleep Caps That Will Keep Your Edges Intact

Bonnet chronicles are getting technical.

Published February 16, 2017

Upgrade your sleep bonnet game with one of these revolutionary caps.

  1. Grace Eleyae Slap, $30

    This satin-lined cap (they call it a “slap”) with an elastic band holds your hair in place, protects it from pillowcase snags and is cute enough to wear outside, too.

  2. All Caps The Cap, $52

    Extra large, mold-resistant and adjustable, this cap has a built-in terry headband that keeps your edges dry and it’s waterproof — so you can go straight from the bed to the shower in the same cap.

  3. Sleep Shepherd, $250

    Have trouble sleeping? This headband uses biofeedback technology to help you get more, better quality sleep — and lays your edges, too.

  4. The Dreadsock, Starting at $15

    Made for locs, this cap stays put and gives your hair plenty of space to flourish overnight.

  5. Sue Maesta Hoods, $12

    Give your wrist a rest — this cap pulls your hair straight back from your face, keeping it from getting flat and eliminating frizz.

Written by BET Staff

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