Watch This Adorable Preschooler Attempt a Hair Tutorial

(Photo: Tara Watkins via Facebook)

Watch This Adorable Preschooler Attempt a Hair Tutorial

"Let me see what I can work my magic with."

Published March 1, 2017

We’ve been there before — halfway through a beauty tutorial and your version isn’t anywhere near the slayage the YouTube vlogger is flaunting on-screen. That’s when you totally give up and just wing it. In a viral video, a preschooler who attempted to do a ponytail like her mom knows the struggle. Five-year-old Ryleigh Lynne recorded the process much like many vloggers three times her age do, but when her little hands couldn’t grab all of her thick natural hair, she got adorably frustrated.

"How do I get this all into the ponytail like mommy does?"

“I’ve got way too much hair!”


She even leaves the room for a second to collect her thoughts, or perhaps ask mommy for a few tips because face it, in times of crisis mothers know best. But when she returns instead of hitting abort mission on the tutorial, girl serves up a totally new style she calls, “something down to the side.”

Watch the hair tutorial here:

The video is already close to 2 million views on Facebook. Ryleigh's mom, Tara Watkins, spoke to The Huffington Post about her daughter's viral video success.

“Everyone loved how determined she was. They even loved her little cute frustration of not being able to get all of her hair up into a ponytail,” she said. “In the Black hair community, ‘big hair’ is so real and a lot of women can relate to it! Also, many people loved seeing a little girl embrace and love her hair in its natural, beautiful texture.”

Sally Beauty sent Ryleigh some hair products to help launch her vlogging career, so here's to hoping for more tutorials from the tenacious tot.

Written by Jazmine A. Ortiz

(Photo: Tara Watkins via Facebook)


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