See the Best Destinations for Guys Trips

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See the Best Destinations for Guys Trips

From bachelor parties to boys' weekends, here is where you need to be.

Published March 13, 2017

Brothers, spring is near and it's time to plan that trip with the guys. Here are some activities and places to go with the crew, whether it’s a weekend getaway, bachelor party, milestone birthday or yearly excursion with your bruhs! I made it easy for you to explain to your girl you're leaving at home. These are getaways within in the States, so tell them to chill. You will still have phone service for the “wyd” text and calls! For these quick trips, all you need is duffel bag, your smartphone for pics and your “road dogs.”  

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South Florida

From deep sea fishing in Ft. Lauderdale to partying all night on South Beach to waking on a yacht off Miami Shore, South Florida remains the ultimate “you can never go wrong here” guys trip. It is Greece, Ibiza, St. Barth and any other beautiful international beach party destination all in one. 

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Yosemite National Park, California

Rock-climbing for the adrenaline thrill seekers.

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New Orleans, Louisiana

A week-long unconventional party with beautiful people removing their clothes for beads combined with alcohol and good street food? What more can a guy ask for really?

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Grand Canyon, Arizona

From navigating whitewater rapids in old wooden boats to mountain bike trips on the northern rim, the Grand Canyon proves to be the ultimate male bonding experience!

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Aspen, Colorado

Referred to as the ultimate “Man Camp.” Activities range from archery to hunting to even race car driving. When you think Aspen and Colorado, you only think skiing and legal weed, which can be fun too, but there’s so much more to offer in this adult man camp.

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Pebble Beach, California

If you are a more seasoned gentleman and you prefer to just golf and smoke expensive Cuban cigars with the fellas, Pebble Beach is a great option for a weekend reunion with the guys.

Pebble Beach Golf Links, Pebble Beach, Monterey County, California, USA. Pebble Beach is one of the most famous golf courses in the world.
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Big Bear Mountain, Big Bear Lake California

This popular Southern California resort town is just a two-hour drive away from Los Angeles and is definitely worth it. If you live on the West Coast and are looking for a dope ski trip with the boys, Big Bear is the hot spot!

Aerial views over Big Bear Lake, California.
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Cabin Trips

A cabin trip is not outdated! Guys we have plenty options to choose from. Some of the best locations include the Poconos, Blue Ridge Mountains and the Smoky Mountain Resort and Spa in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

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Louisville, Kentucky

If you're trying to stay off the grid but enjoy bourbon and boxing, Louisville is your spot. As the bourbon capital of the world, there are plenty of distilleries and tasting rooms there to catch up with the guys until you are drunk enough to make your way back to your hotel room.

Louisville, Kentucky skyline at dusk
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Las Vegas

It never goes out of style. Whether you're barely 21 or 90 years old, Sin City birthed the idea of the “guys trip.” Caution: in Vegas you are most likely to get your first drunk and disorderly charge, get married to “that girl,” become an instant rich person through gambling, go extremely broke through gambling and develop a deep appreciation for all you can eat buffets. No matter what, Vegas will continue to be the best example of LIT!

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Start planning your Mancation early!

Written by Maurice Marcel

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