Grey Sweatpants Are a Man's Answer to Leggings

(Photo: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, New Line Cinema)

Grey Sweatpants Are a Man's Answer to Leggings

Ladies, it's time to play fair.

Published March 16, 2017

The spring is approaching and women are starting to pull out their sun dresses, cut-off shorts and leggings, all of which tend to instantly grab attention from guys. We guys become helpless victims, falling into the sunken place, mesmerized by all the bodies on display. 

But guess what? Guys have a defense to fight back: grey sweats. Grey sweats, based on my research and experience, drive women crazy! The power of these sweats is legendary. Trust us. 

Just look at how the internet freaks out about them. 

  1. We have found our Kryptonite to bring Super Women to their knees (literally and figuratively... wink,wink)!

  2. Win this argument daddy 😍😂 #kermitmemes#meme#greysweatpants#meat#lol#imdead#zaddy

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    Pro tip: Let these pants barely hang over your waist, make sure the fabric highlights all the right places.

  3. Male celebs have even joined the fight against these women!

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  5. See... Don't even play with me... *smack* #graysweats #nope #eyesuphere #humpday

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  6. Lawd, thank his mammy and his pappy! #EggplantFriday #SweatpantsSeason I knew I liked B.o.B. for a reason....

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    These pants even had their own Twitter challenge!

Written by Maurice Marcel

(Photo: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, New Line Cinema)


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