Shop the Best Grey Sweatpants for Men

(Photos from Left: H&M, G-Star, H&M)

Shop the Best Grey Sweatpants for Men

It's the male version of leggings — and you need them.

Published March 22, 2017

Look, grey sweatpants are important. Trust me.  We found some pairs that will help you guys accomplish a mission! No matter which route you go, buy these and watch the women fall. 

  1. Nike


    (Photo: Nike)
  2. John Elliot


    (Photo: John Elliott)
  3. H&M


    (Photo: H&M)
  4. H&M


    (Photo: H&M)
  5. Addidas


    (Photo: Adidas)
  6. G-Star


    (Photo: G-Star)
  7. ASOS


    (Photo: ASOS)
  8. Zara


    (Photo: ZARA)
  9. Urban Outfitters


    (Photo: Urban Outfitters)
  10. Balmain


    (Photo: Balmain)

Written by Maurice Marcel

(Photo: Be Like Water Production/Splash News)


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