12 Items Guys Should Ditch

12 Items Guys Should Ditch

It's time to let go of those "dress" shoes.

Published March 29, 2017

Guys, as we move towards a more stylish society… here are a list of things we need you to ditch in order to progress:

  1. 'Personality Frames'
    (Photo: David Schaffer/Getty Images)
  2. Boot-Cut Jeans
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  3. Wife-Beater Tanks (And the Name)
  4. Baggy Jeans and 'Dad Jeans'
  5. Bad Belts – Studded Belts Oversize Belts and Big Belt Buckles
  6. Outdated Wide Ties
  7. Muscles Tee without muscles
  8. Cargo Sweatpants
  9. Ill-Fitting Suits
  10. Square-toe Dress Shoes
  11. Board shorts
  12. Fedoras

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: David Schaffer/Getty Images)


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