Guys Spill 24 Dos and Don't's of Dating

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Guys Spill 24 Dos and Don't's of Dating


Published March 30, 2017

OK, real talk. There are a lot of insane things that happen in relationships, but there are definitely some guidelines that we can learn to live by. We broke down the dos and don't's, according to real men. 

  1. Do gift the way you want to be gifted

    Don’t be cheap but expect luxury! 

  2. Don’t invade people's privacy

    This includes going through phones in the middle of the night, asking friends questions, etc. 

  3. Do have sex and intimate moments regularly

    Believe it or not, this is very important. It keeps interest. It’s definitely OK to have sex the first night. Don’t get caught up in the idea that you wont be a keeper if you have sex. Lie. In some situations, the sex is what gets you a second date.

  4. Don’t try making your date friends with your friends

    This just never works out in any situation. I have seen situations ranging from drama to hook-ups. 

  5. Do establish healthy boundaries


  6. Don’t 'yuck my yum'

    If you aren't into something — like a weird fetish — don’t hate on the person just because. You never know until you try it. 

  7. Don’t be afraid to end it over text

    Contrary to the belief that this is disrespectful, it actually saves a lot more pain and grief. Just be very clear and concise about your intentions. I think its worse to drag someone to dinner and then end it face to face. 

  8. Do pay the bill

    In this gender equal society, I understand the need for the 30-minute back-and-forth convo about the bill. However, the rule is simple: If you ask them out, you should pay the bill. 

  9. Do believe that you can meet someone when you least expect it

    It happens. Look how many celebrities get married after meeting at a basketball game!

  10. Don’t let personal finances define the dating situation

    If you're dating someone that is looking to come up off your money, I am sorry but that is not dating. That is called a…service. 

  11. Don’t let age be more than a number

    There is nothing wrong with liking a PYT or wanting someone more seasoned.

  12. DON’T let your friends tell you what you should expect

    If you sit around and let your friends dictate your dating situation, you might as well date them. Most likely, they may be obsessed with you to care that much. 

  13. Don’t limit your dating to online apps

    People don’t go out and meet people anymore. They're just swiping left or right, but don’t know how to go out and have a conversation. 

  14. Don’t waste your time falling in love with potential
  15. Do tell the person you want to be with that you want them

    The friend zone is crowded with people who are soulmates, husbands and wives. Lets free these people. 

  16. Don’t social media stalk

    This takes away the mystery and interest. It also makes you look a little psycho. 

  17. Do allow yourself to be impressed

    Let your guard down. Smile. Be awed.  

  18. Don’t go into dating thinking about the last time

    The worst kind of date is sitting with someone and listening to them complain about the last date.

  19. Don’t plan a date that will not fit your overall dating situation

    We see this all the time. People make it seem they are actually open to dating or being serious with someone but are really just be bored or don’t have time to date.

  20. Don’t get drunk on the first date

    You barely remember the date or spend weeks wondering what happened. 

  21. Don’t get caught up in dressing up

    Be you and be as stylish as you can be. Effort is sexy, but you don’t want your attire to become distracting during the date.

  22. Do listen and pay attention while dating

    People usually show and tell you who they are upfront if you listen. No surprises.

  23. Don’t be afraid to date out of your norm

    Whether its race, class or location!

  24. Finally, DON’T listen to dating experts!

    Most are single and not dateable or have been married since they were 17 years old — through an arranged marriage. Just do you!

Written by Maurice Marcel

(Photo: Thomas Barwick/Getty Images)


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