See Why The Yeezy-Famous Amina Blue Is Taking Her Clothes Off

NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 30:  Model Amina Blue Unveils New PETA Campaign at West Side YMCA on March 30, 2017 in New York City.  (Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images)

See Why The Yeezy-Famous Amina Blue Is Taking Her Clothes Off

After taking her shoes off on the runway, she's making shoes of her own.

Published March 31, 2017

You might recognize PETA’s latest star to strip down, Amina Blue, as the Yeezy Season 4 model who chucked off her shoes on the runway because, well, it was hot. However, her campaign with the animal rights organization is hotter!

The 23-year-old is dripping in a gold, chain-link “dress” with teased platinum hair and a fierce camera mug to match. Straight across the ad reads, “You can look luxurious without harming any animals.” Amina’s been vegan for five years now after watching a slaughterhouse video that prompted her to swear off all animal-derived products, including not-so animal friendly fashion. That may seem like a hard feat for a fashion model, but Amina makes it sound easy. caught up with Kanye’s muse at the unveiling of the new campaign in New York yesterday (Mar. 30), where she shared plans of trying her hand at designing, her fav NYC eatery and more.

(Photo: Mike Ruiz/PETA)

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(Photo: Mike Ruiz/PETA)

BET: Why did you team up with PETA?

Amina Blue: I’ve always known a little bit about PETA, but I never really knew what they stood for up until I became a vegan and started doing more research. I saw all the really great inspirational things they were doing for animals and people. So why not team up with them? And that’s what we did.

B: On your social media you post a lot of clips showing horrific acts of animal-cruelty, how did that start?

AB: I started doing it a few years ago. I saw a video on YouTube and it was of a pork slaughter house. So then I started looking up short clips on Instagram to repost just to see what people thought about them. And I got so much feedback from people so I just kept posting them.

There’s always the negative [responses], but you click on those pages and there always fake or little 13 year-old boys. But for the most part they’re positive.

B: What foods do you typically eat?

AB: I’ll try to eat healthy in the morning. Breakfast is usually fruit, oatmeal or granola. But I like comfort food like veggie burgers, French fries—things that aren’t so healthy [laughs] but there are vegan versions of them. If I’m New York there’s a good place, Loving Hut. There’s a few mom and pop shops here where there’s really good stuff at.

Amina Blue walking the Yeezy Season 4 runway barefoot

B: Fashion isn’t always animal-free. What brands do you shop?

AB: I find that a lot of the cheaper brands usually cater more to the vegan lifestyle. And then there’s designers like Stella McCartney who are really opening up to the vegan lifestyle and catering to our needs with faux leather and furs. There’s a lot of up and coming brands too that have vegan friendly options.

B: What next for you?

AB: I have my own shoe line coming out hopefully by the summertime. Everything is all vegan. The focus of the brand is luxury, but animal friendly. Some people want to buy a nice pair of Gucci shoes but they’re made from leather so this is kind of a luxury alternative. Those will be online.

Eventually, I’m going to try  to do something like a little store and have vegan friendly items and brands. But that will be the next step after the shoes.

B: We gotta ask—So what exactly happened at the Yeezy Season 4 show when you took off your shoes  right there on the runway?

AB: Really simple—It was hot and I was either going to fall or take the shoes off, so I took them off.

Written by Jazmine A. Ortiz

(Photo: Robin Marchant/Getty Images)


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