11 Things You Should Not Post Online About Your Relationship

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11 Things You Should Not Post Online About Your Relationship

Don’t let your Twitter fingers get you in trouble.

Published April 4, 2017

Blac Chyna is the queen of posting about her relationship online — and raking in the bucks for her oversharing. But in real life, there are some things that are definite no-nos on social media. Don’t post…

  1. Details of your sex life

    Ugh. We can guarantee you that no one wants to see that, and you can’t un-ring that bell.

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  2. Every. Single. Thing. Your. Partner. Does. For. You.

    When you need to post every time bae makes you a meal or washes your car, it will quickly seem like you have something to prove.

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  3. Your partner’s personal business

    Whether it’s their job struggles or birthday plans, if they wanted the world to know, they would post it themselves.

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  4. Details of your latest argument

    Leave your fights at home. You’re not boxers — you don’t need judges to keep score, and it’s much easier to resolve a problem without an audience.

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  5. Love letters

    Isn’t that fool right there? Just say I love you.

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  6. What y’all call each other

    You’re not Bey. We don’t care.

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  7. Secret pictures of bae

    Is it really worth it to show the world that his drunk tail fell last night? Or share this morning's sext?

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  8. Whatever expensive thing he just bought you

    Unless you’re trying to get got.

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  9. Half-ass complaints

    Everyone knows you’re talking about your partner when you say, “I am worth so much more than you know. But some people don’t appreciate what they have until it’s walking away.” You might be giving someone the opening they have been waiting for…

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  10. Pics of y’all kissing

    It’s not as sexy as you think it is, and we’re positive your daddy doesn’t want to see all that.

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  11. Shade

    Just like it’s best to keep your relationship offline when it’s good, it’s best to keep it offline when it’s over. You’ll only end up looking bitter.

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Written by BET Staff

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