These Are the 2 People You Can Thank for Drake's Body

(Photo: Scott Furkay) 

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These Are the 2 People You Can Thank for Drake's Body

And then Tanisha Scott and Jonny Roxx worked me out.

Published April 4, 2017

If you've been following Drake, you know that he underwent a major body transformation over the years. Slowly, he went from wheelchair Jimmy teenage high schooler to hip-hop heartthrob. If you didn't notice the change, though, you obviously weren't paying attention. Now, he just dropped an opus, More Life, on us. We haven't seen any videos yet but we can imagine that, with all the Island flavor of the record, there are going to be some sexy shoots in his future. But HOW exactly did Drake achieve such an admirable physique? Well, funny you should ask that because I found myself asking this question and then immediately, I was invited to workout with the people responsible for his body. Manifestation works. Cue my meeting with Jonny Roxx, also known as @ovojonnyroxx on Instagram, and Tanisha Scott, whose choreography was featured in the iconic "Hotline Bling" video.

"Look Mom" @gapfit 😉

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So besides, the Law of Attraction working it's magic in life, Jonny and Tanisha happened to be visiting NYC from the 6 to launch Gap Fit's spring summer collection. 

The duo then led an intense, hour-plus workout at the new fitness hotspot here, Rumble Boxing. When I say intense, I mean it. But all of us, clad in our GAP Fit clothing, made it through. 

See what Jonny said below: 

Yeah, see those burpees? He made be do about three dozen of them. Sheesh. Don't worry, Tanisha is worse! Her idea of fun is nonstop movement. OK, so now I get it. It's no wonder Drake looks like he does. 

But since these two are basically working out all day, every day, I can think of no one better to help Gap design their fitness wardrobe. The new Gap Fit collection is available here now! 

Written by Danielle Prescod

(Photo: Scott Furkay)


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