Donald Trump's Modeling Agency Is Falling Apart

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Donald Trump's Modeling Agency Is Falling Apart

First a manager left. Then a booker left. And then the models started following. Sad!

Published April 4, 2017

Although the heavily spray-tanned, so-called president that occupies the Oval Office can continue to take from any of his 400 business sans disclosures, one of said businesses is tanking. 

The Washington Post's inimitable fashion critic Robin Givhan reported yesterday that the cartoonish villian's modeling agency, Trump Models, is slowly disintegrating.

It would appear that the employees at the agency are turning over at a quick rate, largely due to the election and its subsequent fallout. 

Two days ahead of the election (remember the joy-filled days of yore?), a model from the agency posted the reasons outlining her departure, tied to her refusal to be "the least bit related to the Trump brand."

Around the same time, Patty Sicular, a former Trump Models booker, left the agency and took some models with her to her new place of employment. One of the models who moved with her was Beverly Johnson, the first Black model to grace the cover of American Vogue in 1974. Note that Sicular worked with the "Legends" division, a cadre of well-established models.  

In early March, Gabriel Ruas Santos-Rocha, a manager from Trump Models, left to help start a new agency called Anti Management. They announced their genesis with a decidedly political message — and a far cry from Trumpian ideals. 

the time is now. #weareANTI

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Givhan wrote, "Exactly how many models have left Trump Models, and how many remain, is unclear. Santos-Rocha would not specify how many he had taken with him. But industry insiders say the hemorrhaging is substantial. While the Trump Models website remains active, a number of the models still listed on it are known to have jumped ship."

Even though the artificially tanned family is at the helm in Washington, their dealings with the fashion world continue to sour. Sad!

Written by Lainey Sidell

(Photo: Benjamin Lowy/Reportage by Getty Images)


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