Uncombable Hair Syndrome Is a Real Thing and This Little Girl Has It

(Photo: Lyla Grace Barlow via Facebook)

Uncombable Hair Syndrome Is a Real Thing and This Little Girl Has It

Personally, we believe she's tender-headed.

Published April 5, 2017

Lyla-Grace Barlow’s static white mane is a result of Uncombable Hair Syndrome. Yes, this is a real genetic condition that is known to affect just 100 people worldwide. It’s caused by a mutated gene which creates abnormal heart-shaped hair follicles instead of round ones. Albert Einstein, whom little Lyla dressed up as for Halloween, actually suffered from this and it’s the reason behind his gravity-defying hair.

Lyla’s parents, Alex and Mark Barlow, have tried countless products and long hours trying to style their daughter’s hair, but are at a loss on how to tame her fluffy locks. Perhaps they need to take notes from Kim Kardashian, who called in hair guru Kim Kimble to give her tips on braiding North West’s hair.

“Some people look and laugh and say, ‘That’s what my hair looks like in the morning", her mom, Alex, told The Sun.

“They think that when you say Uncombable Hair Syndrome, you just have messy hair, but every strand of her hair is like spun glass.”

“It’s so hard to get a hairbrush through it and she cries when I try. Sometimes I just want to shave it off for her.”

The rest of the 5-year-old’s family are brunettes, including her two sisters. Although they admit her hair takes a lot more love than other kids, they say they wouldn’t change it and encourage Layla to embrace the rare and beautiful condition.

Still they’ve had hairdressers ask them if they’ve bleached Layla’s hair and tell them they don’t know what to do with her tresses. Shame. Considering Black women have had to deal with coils and kinks their whole life we’re sure there’s stylists out there that can assist. If the Barlows, who live in the UK, ever come stateside, we know lots of naturalistas that can hook baby girl up.

Written by Jazmine A. Ortiz

(Photo: Lyla Grace Barlow via Facebook)


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