Spring Clean: 15 Things to Purge From Your Closet Right Now

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Spring Clean: 15 Things to Purge From Your Closet Right Now

Scrap the mess to make room for the items you truly love.

Published April 6, 2017

Spring is officially here, bringing sunshine — and the urge to get rid of unnecessary ish. Use this guide to get rid of the stuff that’s clogging up your closet and blocking you from the stuff you really love.

That bra you haven’t worn in a month.
Whether it’s the wrong size or just flat out uncomfortable, you are clearly uninterested in wearing it. Let that bad boy go. The same goes for panties and socks with holes or stretched out elastic. You deserve better, boo.

That dress you accidentally washed in hot water.
Yes, it was your favorite, but no amount of washing is going to remove that color bleed. Let it go.

The jeans that make your booty look terrible.
You know the ones. Whether it’s your butt, or they bag at the knee or they are a hair too short, they aren’t flattering and they make you feel like less than your sexy self. Make room for a better pair.

The dress that still has the tags on it.
You bought it online a year ago because the sale was too good to pass up — but you clearly don’t like it enough to wear. Pass it to your home girl.

That sweater that has more pills than a pharmacy.
You keep passing it over — in all its linty glory — for a reason. You’re never going to wear it again. Stop torturing yourself.

Your ex’s hoodie.
That dude’s a clown. Torch that ish.

The pants you need to lose more than five pounds to get into.
They’ll just make you feel bad every time you look into your closet. Be kind to yourself. And if you do lose enough weight to slip into them, you’ll have a shopping trip to look forward to.

The bag you haven’t used in more than a year.
It’s clearly not a classic piece. Next!

The shoes that are filled with your blood.
They’re fly as hell, but every tie you put them on, you want to die — or walk around the club barefoot. Either way, ugh.

That sentimental favorite T-shirt with the cracked lettering.
We can’t even read what it says anymore, sis. You can keep two for sleeping. Toss the rest.

Anything else with writing on it.
While you’re at it, get rid of any other promotional material clogging your closet, from charity tote bags to walkathon T-shirts to stress balls. Just, why?

That ugly ass bridesmaid dress you wore to your sister’s wedding.
You know you will never wear it again.

Those cardboard shoe boxes.
They take up way too much space. Get a rack.

That coat you once adored, but haven’t been moved to wear in three winters.
It might have been your favorite once upon a time, but it’s not the queen of your closet anymore. Give it to someone who will appreciate it. Your coat’s feelings won’t be hurt, we promise.

That dress that makes you look 13.
Just because you can still fit it, doesn’t mean you should still wear it. Move on.

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: luanateutzi/Getty Images)


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