Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Anal Rejuvenation

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Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Anal Rejuvenation

Yes, it is botox for your butthole.

Published April 10, 2017

Get ready to be insecure about your ass, in a more intimate way. By now, you've heard of anal bleaching, but it's 2017, people, and it's time to take it much further. Enter: anal rejuvenation, a process by which your butt will get a makeover, from the inside out. 

Of course, Vice covered this first, detailing the rise of the popularity of anal procedures, saying, "And as the normalization of ass play grows, a rising class of doctors and dermatologists are focusing their practice on America's butts, offering everything from aesthetic procedures like tag removal and bleaching to anal tightening, Botox to aid in sexual play and more."

Who knew that Botox was so versatile? But what's even more common is using lasers or the good 'ol scapel to get your butthole to be a smaller size. NY Mag took it a step further and spoke to a doctor who works on butt. They say, "There are some people that are using lasers, which is similar to the way they use lasers for vaginal rejuvenation, where it’s a probe that goes in, and there are lasers, and it tightens the tissues around there. And they use lasers to fight discoloration, so it’s similar to bleaching. It’s kind of like the same way they use lasers to remove tattoos or skin discoloration. Those are entirely cosmetic procedures. I talked to a practice that is very popular for doing that outside of Chicago. They said it costs between $1,500 and $2,500 to get laser-type treatments on the butthole." 

Vice details this by saying, "For those complaining of a "loose" hole, fixing many of those underlying problems will naturally tighten one's anus; when you remove one or more pieces of the anal pie, as it were, its circumference will naturally be smaller when it's repaired. And incisions are made internally, of course, so that nobody getting close enough for a taste will see the scarring."

Now, if you're thinking that butt stuff is only a concern for homosexual men, you would be right in thinking that these are the majority of the clientele seeking these procedures, but actually a lot of heterosexual women, such as our beloved Cardi B, advocate for integrating anal play into your everyday sexual routine.

With all of that said, who's paying $2,500 for a smaller butthole? 

Written by BET Staff

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