Sean John and This Company Are Working to Change the Perception of Black Men

(Photo: Collis Torrington)

Sean John and This Company Are Working to Change the Perception of Black Men

See the big things the Bearded Dapper Gents are up to.

PUBLISHED ON : APRIL 10, 2017 / 04:10 PM

We frequently hear about prom dress drives, but we can't help but think that when it comes to the fellas, charitable clothing is scarce. Thanks to the Bearded Dapper Gents, one young man a year has a chance to go to prom or graduation in a brand new Sean John suit. 

The Bearded Dapper Gents was created by George Myrie, 37, and his friends Darrell Moore, 30, Arthur "Nestlé" Hylton, 33, and Collis Torrington, 36, as a way to break down the negative perceptions of Black men in America. Day by day, the organization works towards presenting Black men in a positive light. 

“One day Collis was checking the BDG emails and came across one from a rep at Sean John,” Myrie of BDG tells “It was an inquiry about me becoming part of Sean John’s 'Influencer' program, I responded to the email and agreed."

It is through that influencer program that the BDGs were able to get their campaign video in Macy’s.

So far, the Dapper Gents have donated five suits in total, four for graduation and one for prom. 

The BDGs decided to spread their classy sense of style to a younger generation of Black men by launching A Brother's Duty. The initiative strives to style young Black men in custom suits while teaming up with Foster Care Unplugged in order to do so. 

(Photo: Collis Torrington)
(Photo: Collis Torrington)

The BDG actively seeks out young men to assist. The three organizations Bearded Dapper Gents works with most frequently include: 

1. Pens of Power: A non-profit organization that has a program that works with the youth in literacy and mentoring.

2. Foster Care Unplugged: A non-profit organization that works with children in the foster care system and has their best interest at heart.

3. 100 Suits for 100 Men: A non-profit organization that rehabilitates males that have been released from prison.

Written by Yakira Young

(Photo: Collis Torrington)


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