The Struggles Only Girls Who Get Their Hair Braided Know

hair stylist braiding woman's hair

The Struggles Only Girls Who Get Their Hair Braided Know


Published April 11, 2017

We all know the feeling of having to sit in the salon for hours but braids is a special kind of torture. Ladies and gents, you know what we're talking about. Here are five feelings that happen to everyone when they are in the chair. 

  1. Everyone is trying to sell you something

    From hair scarves to socks and jewelry, there is also a random person with something to peddle. And yes, the same guy who sells pepper spray sells earrings too.

  2. Your butt will be on fire by the time you leave

    Braid styles tend to take a long time, and if you're getting box braids, that's a guaranteed six hours on your bottom. Be prepared for butt and back pain when you finally are able to stand up again.

  3. Even though you showed the hairstylist a picture of what you wanted, they will still do what they want!

    Don’t always expect to get exactly what you wanted, unless you plan on doing it yourself.

  4. You're covered in random pieces of fake hair when you leave

    Did you even just get your hair braided if you don’t have random fly-a-ways of fake hair all over your clothes on your way out the door? No.

  5. You get the look of death if you DARE touch while you're still getting braided

    The best thing you could do is let the hairstylist do what she does best and sit back and relax. Yes the process is long, and rather strenuous, but the end result is always slay!

Written by Yakira Young

(Photo: Yellow Dog Productions/Getty Images)


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