13 Apps You Need to Get Better Sleep


13 Apps You Need to Get Better Sleep


Published April 19, 2017

Yes, staying woke is important. But do you know what else is key? Getting some sleep! These apps aim to improve the quantity and quality of your zzzs.

  1. Relax Melodies
    (Photo: IPNOS)

    Create a playlist of your favorite soothing sounds to help you sleep. http://www.ipnossoft.com/app/relax-melodies/
    For Android, iOS

  2. Calm
    (Photo: Calm)

    The sleep stories function combines a soothing story with calming music and sound effects to lead you into sleep. https://www.calm.com/
    For Android, iOS

  3. SleepBot
    (Photo: SleepBot)

    Closely tracks every second of your sleep over time and wakes you at the optimal moment. https://mysleepbot.com/

    For Android, iOS

  4. Pzizz

    Users swear by this app to cure their insomnia. It creates “dreamscapes” that help you fall asleep quickly, sleep deeply and wake refreshed. http://pzizz.com/
    For Android, iOS

  5. Twilight
    (Photo: Twilight)

    Use this to change the color temperature on your phone so that it doesn’t throw off your sleep cycle. http://twilight.urbandroid.org/
    For Android (iOS users can turn on the Night Shift function)

  6. Sleep Cycle
    (Photo: Northcube AB)

    This app monitors your sleep movements and sounds to help you maximize your cycle. https://www.sleepcycle.com/
    For Android, iOS

  7. Sleepio

    Uses cognitive behavioral therapy to create a program that tweaks your lifestyle and schedule to improve the quality of your sleep. A clinical study found that users fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and have more energy after using it. https://www.sleepio.com/
    For iOS

  8. Sleep Genius

    Uses a progressive alarm and relaxation program to train your brain to adopt a regular sleep cycle. http://sleepgenius.com/
    For Android, iOS

  9. Power Nap HQ
    (Photo: Phase4 Mobile, Inc.)

    It reads your body movements to help you take exactly the right length nap, so you awake refreshed, not groggy. http://www.powernaphq.com/
    For iOS

  10. Beditations

    Fall asleep and wake to soothing guided meditations. https://highlymeditated.com/beditations/

    For Android, iOS

  11. Sleep As Android

    Tell it what time you want to wake up, and it tells you when you should brush your teeth, how long you should read in bed and exactly when you should turn off the lights to make it happen. http://sleep.urbandroid.org/
    For Android

  12. Runtastic Sleep Better

    This app tracks your sleep quality in relation to your stress levels, caffeine and alcohol intake and more, so you can make better decisions. https://www.runtastic.com/en/apps/sleepbetter

    For Android, iOS

  13. Sleepasaurus

    Help your little ones fall — and stay — asleep with the help of an exhausted dino. http://sleepasaurusapp.com/

    For iOS

Written by Kenrya Rankin



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