See the $75 Bathing Suit Kylie Jenner Wore to a Party

See the $75 Bathing Suit Kylie Jenner Wore to a Party

Keep an eye out for the snakes.

Published April 19th

It seems that no matter how many times Kylie Jenner risks it all fashion wise, she always comes out winning, especially when it comes to price point. We spoke exclusively with TLZ L'Femme, the designer responsible for Jenner's now iconic Coachella look. 

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"It is actually a swim suit set, but designer Tlazsa custom made a skirt for Kylie so she would be able to wear a full look for Coachella," a rep from TLZ L'Femme revealed to "The top is $105.00 and the skirt is $75.00."

Kylie changes hairstyles like she changes her shoes, and for day two she topped off her snakeskin look with a purple wig. It's the total opposite of the yellow one she wore for the first day of Coachella, which caused a few problems with K. Michelle, but the look is on point regardless. 

Written by Yakira Young

(Photo: Jerod Harris/Getty Images for FVA Productions)


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