See #PrisonBae on His First Magazine Cover

(Photo: Julia Terrey via CMPR)

See #PrisonBae on His First Magazine Cover

Jeremy Meeks is breaking the Internet (and hearts) again.

Published April 26, 2017

Jeremy Meeks, the #Hotfelon or #PrisonBae who first broke the Internet in 2014, has shown that his modeling offers were legit. 


In February, Meeks kicked off his modeling career when he walked for the Philipp Plein show during New York Fashion Week but as you can see, this was only the beginning of his livelihood as a model.

The 33-year-old ex-felon has just debuted in a global model editorial and cover for the UK men’s fashion and lifestyle magazine Man About Town.

(Photo: Julia Terrey via CMPR)

Shot by the world renowned Steven Klein, the spread features stripped-down images of the current model as well as a photo of Meeks in his youth. Jeremy tells the mag, “A lot of people don’t know me, so they write all this stuff, they don’t know. I’m a family man, I’m a father, I’m a husband, I’m an uncle, I’m a best friend, I’m a God-fearing man, a Christian. I’m the peanut butter and French toast champion!”

(Photo: Julia Terrey via CMPR)

He even opens up about his childhood and why becoming a model did not seem like a likely future. “I heard all my life, you’re so handsome, you have the most beautiful eyes, and I heard it a hundred times a day.  To where I would not even pay no mind to it. It didn’t fix it then. I still had a father in prison doing life. I still had a heroin-addict mother and me and my brother and sisters struggling through life’s tribulations.” As we all know, Meeks went viral after his mugshot was shared millions of times because he really is that handsome. 

Not that having a pretty face was always the easiest thing to do either. Meeks says, “No I don’t know what a Crip is. But I had to learn fast. Because I wasn’t getting my ass kicked, but I was fighting a lot.” 

(Photo: Julia Terrey via CMPR)

Although this ‘Blue Eyed Bandit’ is on the fast track to living his American dream, he is still encountering roadblocks due to his felon status. 

The debut of this editorial, for example, has not been without a struggle. Even with all the correct paperwork, Jeremy was recently denied access into the UK to celebrate the launch of his cover for Man About Town.

Although barricades seem to show up in Jeremy’s life, he seems to be on his way to being an international supermodel and we may possibly be seeing him acting very soon.

We're interested to see where he's going next. In the meantime, we will stay glued to his Instagram

Written by Tweety Elitou

(Photo: Steven Kleim/Julia Terrey via CMPR)


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