See How Amazon Wants to Give Everyone a Dream Closet

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See How Amazon Wants to Give Everyone a Dream Closet

Technology is going to make your outfits.

Published April 27, 2017

Remember that scene in the '90s cult classic Clueless where Cher uses a digital wardrobe picker-outer? Well, in 1995 that was a pretty far-fetched concept, but today, Amazon is basically bringing that gadget to life. On Wednesday, the company announced the Echo Look, a $200 voice-activated camera that will take full-length pictures of your outfits, by using the command “Alexa, take a photo.” You can also use it to check yourself out from multiple angles by simply saying, “Alexa, take a video.” And presto — a live feed from the Look is instantly beamed to your smartphone. 

Archive outfits, get advice from style specialists and stay up to date with the latest trends. The device is the first in the Alexa-powered family of Echo devices to carry a camera. All it requires is its own app to work and then all media recorded by the Look will be easily accessible on your phone (and of course, the cloud). This is a big step on Amazon’s part to slide into the fashion space, although who really has the time to do a complete outfit analysis every morning when you really think about it. However, it may wind up being a hit with the selfie generation and a brilliant tool for fashion bloggers.

No shipping date on the Echo Look yet, but you can sign up for an invitation to buy it here

Watch the Ad for Amazon's New Echo Look Below:

Written by Jazmine A. Ortiz

(Photo: Thomas Barwick/Getty Images)


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