Serayah McNeill Says She Manifested Her Way Into Her Dream Life

LOS ANGELES, CA - MARCH 20:  Actress Serayah McNeill attends the Spring Premiere of FOX's "Empire" at Pacific Theatres at The Grove on March 20, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images)

Serayah McNeill Says She Manifested Her Way Into Her Dream Life

And you probably can, too.

Published April 27, 2017

Serayah McNeill's life has changed drastically since she's ascended to fame, thanks to her role on Empire. The 21-year-old recently sat down with xoNecole to detail the ways her life has morphed since she started playing the role of Tiana. Below, highlights from her interview.


Becoming who and what you want is not easy, but one thing that can get you there is manifestation, and it looks like Serayah has tapped into "The Secret." Maybe you've heard of it, but envisioning what you want and then making it happen for yourself is a cornerstone of successful people. I mean, even Oprah has pushed manifestation. It means that we all harness the power to inspire change in our own lives if we simply concentrate on it. It sounds a little new-agey but trust us, it's way less creepy than Scientology. Serayah, specifically, credits manifestation to helping her score her gig on Empire. “I was going to community college majoring in theater, working at H&M, and modeling on the side as well as singing and dancing. I was booking some commercials, but I really wanted to be on a TV show. I wrote that down on my vision board, and I really started to hone in and focus in on what I really wanted to do. I’m very spiritual, and I think my belief and God as well as always putting good energy into the world has made a difference."

And through that, she even learned to embrace her natural hair. Talk about winning! “My hair has always been curly, I started to straighten it because I didn’t like how big it was. On the show, Lee wanted my hair big and curly every episode; it helped me accept myself and who I am in my natural state. It was really cool to be able to have my character on the show have natural hair.”

And just like that we're sold. We're huge fans of Serayah and manifestation.

Read the interview in its entirety here.

Written by Lainey Sidell

(Photo: Jesse Grant/Getty Images)


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